Before and After Zumba® Classes Photographs

I've lost 70lbs over 10 months with the Zumba® Fitness program.  By doing the classes and eating sensibly, the weight melted off.  That's when I decided to become an Instructor, because I was a testament to how well Zumba® Fitness works.  You only get what you put in to it.  Here are my before and after weight loss pictures.

Before Zumba® Classes
After Zumba® Classes

Other Zumba® class weight loss success stories from Zumba® Fitness with Lesley participants:

                    STEPHANIE SHAW

Stephanie has been doing Zumba for years! Check out her progress!


Siobhan Beagan has made a wonderful transformation. Here are her before photos:
Siobhan's before photo.

That's Siobhan in the middle there...another before pic.
And, here is Siobhan's after Zumba® classes photo below.  Great work, Siobhan!
That's her on the right. What an after pic! 


Here's another Zumba® class success story.  This is Teresa Lyle and her before picture is on the right (in the red dress) and her after picture is on the left (in the black dress).  "I did it without really even thinking about it. I went to Zumba® class and just stopped eating out so much," says Teresa. Good job, Teresa!



Emily Patton has been taking Zumba® classes for five months and she's dropped 2 dress sizes!  See her progress below from before to after (left to right).Way to go, Emily!



Claire Rice has been doing Zumba® classes with Lesley for a while now.  Check out her weight loss journey in the photos below:
Claire's before picture.
Another before picture.

Getting smaller!

And here's Claire's after pics below. Good job, Claire!!!




 Shannon's before and after pic. Well done, Shannon!



Jennifer started Zumba® classes and hasn't looked back!  Only missing one week of classes because she went on holiday, she's been a woman on a mission and it has paid off!  Take a look at her before and after pics! "Sweet Zumba®," says Jennifer!





Majella started Zumba(R) classes and has worked hard to drop the weight.  Check her out before Zumba(R) classes:

Check her out now!   A regime of Slimming World plus Zumba(R) classes worked well! If that's not progress I don't know what is!  Well done, Maj!



The three photographs below show Anne's progress.  The images on the left of each photo are the befores and the images on the right are the afters!  Lookin' hot, Anne!


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