Class schedule

Monday and Wednesday at 6.15pm and Thursday and Friday at 10am at Pilot's Row Centre. Drop-in classes so no need to book at Pilot's Row Centre. Virtual classes available on-demand. Sign up for online classes by emailing 

Classes are £4.

Pilot's Row Centre is on Rossville Street, BT486LP at Pilots Row Centre in Derry. Just down from Free Derry Corner.

**Remember:  EVERYONE is welcome at all my classes including beginners!  No experience necessary! Come give it a go!**

My current Zumba® class schedule:
Monday(Zumba®)--Pilot's Row--6:15pm 

Wednesday (Zumba®)--Pilot's Row--6:15pm

Thursday (Zumba)-Pilot's Row--10:00am

Friday (Zumba®)--Pilot's Row--10:00am

Private lessons for individuals or small groups:

Also, I'm available to teach private Zumba® classes to individuals or small groups (no more than 5). Just tell me when and where to come and I'll be there! I offer this because I know there are still people out there who want to try Zumba® but are afraid to do it in a large group of strangers. I don't want anyone to miss out on Zumba®, and I want everyone who tries it to be comfortable. And, I want everyone to try it because I promise, you will LOVE it! Please keep in mind, I do have a full class schedule and a child, so I may not be available at times for this :)

Cost of my classes:


Please read the liability waiver and release form before participating.  It can be found by clicking here.

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