Class schedule

Class schedule beginning 7th June 2021: in-person classes are Monday and Wednesday at 6.15pm and Friday at 10am. Virtual classes also available. In-person classes are £4. Virtual classes are £3. Sign up for online classes by emailing Book for in person classes by emailing Punchcard sales have been suspended temporarily. 

**Remember:  EVERYONE is welcome at all my classes including beginners!  No experience necessary! Come give it a go!**

My current Zumba® class schedule:
This schedule will hopefully resume in September 2021. Modified schedule right now (see above)
Monday(Zumba®)--Pilot's Row--6:15pm 
Tuesday (Zumba®)--Pilot's Row--6:15pm 
Wednesday (Zumba®)--Pilot's Row--6:15pm
Thursday (Zumba®)--Pilot's Row--10:00am 
Friday (Zumba®)--Pilot's Row--10:00am

Private lessons for individuals or small groups:

Also, I'm available to teach private Zumba® classes to individuals or small groups (no more than 5). Just tell me when and where to come and I'll be there! I offer this because I know there are still people out there who want to try Zumba® but are afraid to do it in a large group of strangers. I don't want anyone to miss out on Zumba®, and I want everyone who tries it to be comfortable. And, I want everyone to try it because I promise, you will LOVE it! Please keep in mind, I do have a full class schedule and a child, so I may not be available at times for this :)

Cost of my classes:

As of Jan. 1, 2020, classes will increase to £4 per class and £16 per punchcards.

Class prices until Dec. 31, 2019:
£3 per person. Or, punchcards available for purchase for £12.  With a punchcard, you get 5 classes for £12 so you get a class for free basically! You can use punchcards for any of my classes.  Please note punchcards are not sold everyday and are only sold periodically.  To keep up to date on when punchcards will be on sale please visit the Facebook page.

Please read the liability waiver and release form before participating.  It can be found by clicking here.

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