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Video below from Foyle Hospice Zumbathon® charity event, Derry, Ireland.  Taken September 24, 2011.

Above:  Me and the other instructors at the January2011 Zumbathon® charity event in Hurricane, WV.

Below:  Me at the Zumbathon® charity event January 2011.

Below: First night of teaching at Pilot's Row in Derry!  My how it has grown!

Below: Zumbathon® charity event for CLIC Sargent on June 24, 2011.  Derry's FIRST Zumbathon® charity event!

Below:  Photos from the Gasyard Feile Zumbathon® charity event August 2011. Derry's first outdoor Zumbathon® charity event.

Zumbathon® charity event for Foyle Hospice photos below.  Event was held on September 24, 2011 at Templemore Sports Complex, Derry.

Below: Spooktacular Zumba® Halloween Party at Pilot's Row Centre, Derry, Ireland.  October 21, 2011.  Raised some donations for the Rainbow Rehoming Centre for cats and dogs.

Below:  Zumba® in the Curves Circuit at Curves Derry

Below:  Children in Crossfire Zumbathon® charity event held on January 14, 2012 at Templemore Sports Complex, Derry, Ireland

Lesley at 37 weeks preggo!

Video below from Children in Crossfire Zumbathon® charity event held on January 14, 2012 at Templemore Sports Complex, Derry, Ireland:

Below: Some of the gals after our most recent Zumbathon® charity event for Diabetes UK on Sept. 15, 2012:

Below: Photos from Halloween 2012

A few brave souls who decided to dress up for one of our
Zumba® classes this year as it was close to Halloween!

Lesley's husband, Barry, on the far left there dressed up like Lesley for Halloween. 
He surprised everyone by doing a dance to Gangnam Style at the start of class that night!
Oct. 29, 2012.
 And, below, you will find the video of Barry, as Lesley, doing Gangnam Style.

On Nov. 16, 2012, for BBC Children in Need, we held a Zumba® Pyjama party.  Here are the pictures below:

Lesley and Zumba® Baby, Isla

In 2013, I teamed up with a partner, taught her Zumba® choreography to a great song and performed it on May 3 for a charity dance competition.  Here we are all ready to perform:

Me in the middle and my partner on the right.

On Saturday, May 4, 2013, I hosted a Zumbathon® charity eventfor Parents of Older Children with Autism at Pilot's Row.  Over 60 attended:

Take a look at some of Lesley's Zumba® class participants at the 2013 Earhart Festival and Parade:

Zumbathon (TM) for the "Support Our Sarah" Foyle Women's Aid Campaign May 2015:

Photographs from the 2016 Derry St. Patrick's Day Parade:

Zumbathon for Cancer Research UK (May 2019)

St. Patrick's Day parade (March 2019)

SPD 2017 and 2018 parade pics to come
Halloween 2017 parade pics to come
FoyleSearch and Rescue Zumbathon pics to come (Aug. 2018)
Zumbathon for the Patricia Hughes Bursary Scheme to come (Feb. 2019)

You can visit the Zumba® Fitness with Lesley YouTube channel here.

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