From Andrea Cunningham, Hurricane, West Virginia:

"Zumba® with Lesley is an experience you don't wanna miss! My lame Tuesday nights quickly transformed into dancing fun with friends; all while listening to my favorite music, and shakin' off the calories. Who knew a workout could be this exciting? Thanks for sharing your distinguished choreography and modern song selections for the enjoyment of others. Lesley's routines are unlike any other, and they work! Your dedication changes lives daily! More individuals are healthier, happier, and more confident because of you. Thank you for your, time and efforts!"

From Kimberly Jarvis, Hurricane, West Virginia: 

"Lesley’s passion and dedication to her Zumba® classes is so contagious. Her classes are high energy, creative, and fun. Who knew that dancing off calories could be so enjoyable!? She thrives on coming up with new dance routines on a regular basis that keep you motivated and coming back for more. They’re not kidding; Ditch the Workout and Join the Party….Lesley’s Zumba® Fitness party!" 

From Melisa Short, Hurricane, West Virginia:

"Wish I could attend your Derry classes!! :(I always had such a great time in your Zumba® class here in America! You r so talented! The best instructor I have ever seen!!! "

From Teresa Lyle, Derry, Ireland:

"HEY YOU!!! Yes I'm talking to YOU !!! Come along and joinTeam Lesley for an INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, and FUN Zumba® class experience!!!"

From Natalie Doherty of Natalie Doherty Photography, Derry, Ireland:

"If you're like me you HATE the boring gym but still want to find a FUN way to exercise.  Take a wee trip to Lesley's classes!  Best of craic and you burn loads but don't even notice because you're having so much fun!"

From Siobhan Beagan, Derry, Ireland:

"Hey there...I started Zumba® about a year ago (last September).  It is the best form of exercise I've every done...FACT.  I've been to the gym, etc. but never stuck to it as it was the same old thing over and over.  Zumba® is so different, an exercise class which changes all the time. I have dropped two dress sizes by both eating sensibly (Weight Watchers) and going to Zumba® classes at least twice a week since last September [2011].  It is so enjoyable and Lesley really keeps you motivated."

From Majella McAlister, Derry, Ireland:

"OMG!  I've tried a lot of Zumba® classes in Derry and I didn't enjoy them!  I thought I didn't like Zumba®...it must not be for me! I couldn't understand why everyone was going on about how great Zumba® was.  But, then one of my friends told me about the classes at Pilot's Row in Derry and I thought I'd give it one more try and I'm so glad I did!  Was the best class EVER...best Zumba® class in Derry!  Absolutely no question about it...best music, best moves and Lesley is so down to earth and friendly and willing to help you!  And, since I started going, I've lost a stone!  My advice is to try Zumba® with Lesley because you won't be disappointed!"

If you are one of my Zumba® students and would like to share the love, send me an email at LesRH80@hotmail.com and I'll put your testimonial here!

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