Zumba® Do's and Don'ts

Remember, Zumba® Fitness is for everyone!  All shapes and sizes...all ages...and all fitness levels!  The most important thing is to have fun and keep moving!

Zumba® Class Do's
  • Have fun at all times! Smile and laugh!
  • Wear a fun jingly belt during class!  I have several you can borrow and you will find them up by the stage before class, so feel free to use one!  Or, bring your own!  You can find them pretty cheap on Ebay.
  • Keep moving! Even if you can't follow some of the steps, keep moving!  Even, if that means you're just marching in place!
  • Keep coming to class regularly if you can, that way you will definitely catch on to the moves and you'll soon be an expert!
  • Always ask me if there is a particular move you can't get...I'm always happy to help!
  • Remember, no one is looking at you...they are looking at me! So, no need to be self-conscious.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  Trainers are probably best.  Sometimes trainers with the treads a bit worn on the bottom are best as they allow you to slide and spin easier.
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing.  
  • Bring lots of water and make sure to drink it!  We're going to sweat and you need to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Bring a towel.
  • Do take the class at your own pace until you feel comfortable enough to take it up a notch.  You will find your fitness level increasing the more you go! Know your body!
  • Do realize that everyone moves differently and the you will eventually know your body and how it moves best.  Once you realize this, you can make the moves your own and put your own flavor to it!
  • Feel the music!  Zumba ®  class choreography is put together to go with the music!  Paying attention to the music will also give you a clue as to what type of move is coming next.
  • Pretend like you're in a music video!  It makes you feel that much cooler and gives you some attitude:)
Zumba® Class Don'ts
  • Give up!  Don't ever give up!  The more you come to class, the easier the moves get and the better your fitness level gets!
  • Worry about what people think of you in class!  Trust me, no one is looking at you.  They are all looking at me.
  • Feel the need to keep up with the instructor.  As the instructor, I HAVE to do all the moves 100 percent so you know what they are!  Don't ever feel like you have to keep up with me exactly.  Trust me, the more you come, the easier keeping up will get!
  • Eat a whole pizza (or Chinese or whatever guilty pleasure you crave) after a class:).  Don't do this especially if you're trying to lose weight.  Just because you exercise doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want IF YOU'RE TRYING to lose weight.  
  • Worry about losing yourself in the music.  It's what its there for:)
  • Worry about anything during your hour long Zumba® class.  That hour is for YOU!  Erase all things weighing you down from your mind for that hour only.
  • Forget to SMILE!!!!
  • Think you won't catch on.  We do the same songs and choreo over and over for usually about 12 weeks, that way I know you will be successful and you will catch on!
  • Think you have to know how to dance to participate!  You don't!  Zumba® Fitness is for EVERYONE!
  • Be afraid to make some noise!  We wanna hear you!
  • Worry about messing up!  Doesn't matter if you do!  I do it all the time:)
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